Together You And I Will Take Control Of Your Divorce

The Summerhill Firm

Together We Will

Get on an equal playing field

Deal with every financial issue impacting your divorce

Ensure you are confident and efficiently moving forward in your divorce journey

Negotiate the best financial structure possible

Reduce your stress and anxiety

Minimize your overall costs and timeline

Ensure the settlement is the best for you financially long-term

Together We Will

Get on an equal playing field

Deal with every financial issue impacting your divorce

Ensure you are confident and efficiently moving forward in your divorce journey

Negotiate the best financial structure possible

Reduce your stress and anxiety

Minimize your overall costs and timeline

Ensure the settlement is the best for you financially long-term

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​Hello, I'm O. Brooke Summerhill

I have been divorced, so there is a really good chance I know what you are going through. Divorce may be inevitable. But suffering is not. Let me help.

I know how complicated and overwhelming finances can feel, especially for women who have dedicated their time to their family, and now have to focus on day-to-day financial concerns and long-term wealth management.

I can help you gain control of your money situation and help you understand your wealth, goals, and values moving forward.

You do not have to make the best financially educated decisions on your own. I'm here to protect your money, help you understand your relationship with money, and help you be in control of your financial future.

Create more wealth after divorce

Divorce from an high-net-worth family doesn't mean you have to leave your pre-divorce lifestyle behind.

With the right planning strategies, you can maximize your settlement and alimony and grow your personal long-term wealth—without making sacrifices.

While it might feel overwhelming to suddenly be in charge of complex daily and long-term financial decisions, I can help take weight off your shoulders.

In addition, I have a wide international network of top-tier professionals on my side to help facilitate the plans we put in place together. This powerful team includes luxury home realtors, divorce attorneys, accountants, estate attorneys, forensic accountants, therapists, career coaches, employee benefits consultants, insurance brokers, portfolio managers, and business appraisers.

What O. Brooke Summerhill's Clients are Saying:

"Olivia gave me the peace of mind when I needed it the most. She was the epitome of discrete and provided sound, clear advice, that has allowed me and my children to maintain our lifestyle"

"I would not have worked with anyone else during my divorce"

"I was so scared of getting screwed over in the divorce and Olivia gave me permission to feel heard and she understood what to do every step of the way."
"All the men at the table were more powerful than me. I was so frustrated that they did not listen in the divorce process. And then my financial advisor introduced me to Olivia."

(All reviews are anonymous for confidentiality reasons.)

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Work with The Summerhill Firm

I work individually and discreetly with a select number of women each year, which allows me to provide the highest level of personalized attention to each and every client.

O. Brooke Summerhill

Olivia Summerhill
Olivia Summerhill


Growing up, I saw the devastating effects of divorce on my stay-at-home mother in my wealthy family. This inspired my intense curiosity about money. While my financial career began at JP Morgan Chase in 2012, I quickly developed a reputation for being an expert resource for high-net-worth families. I persisted in my training and pursued multiple designations in finance and insurance licenses. Years later, I continued to develop my mastery in finance as a Wealth Manager in a boutique investment firm specializing in financial planning for high-profile and high-net-worth individuals.

Below are my qualifications and certifications:

  • FINRA Series 6, Investment Company Products/Variable Contracts Representative Exam
  • FINRA Series 63, Uniform Securities Agent State Law Examination
  • Washington Insurance Commissioner, Life, Variable & Variable Annuity
  • FINRA Series 65, Uniform Investment Adviser Law Examination
  • FINRA Series 99, Operations Professional Examination
  • Kaplan University, Behavioral Financial Advisor™
  • FINRA SIE, Securities Industry Essentials Examination
  • The College for Financial Planning, Chartered Retirement Plans Specialist℠
  • Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER®
  • The American College of Financial Services, Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy®
  • Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst®
  • National Association of Divorce Professionals, Certified Divorce Specialist™
  • Money Coaching Institute, Certified Money Coach®
  • Psychology of Financial Planning Specialist
  • Interdisciplinary Collaboratively Divorce Trained and Divorce Mediation Certified
  • The College for Financial Planning, Accredited Behavioral Finance Professional®
  • Harvard Business School, Conflict Resolution Trained

Professional Memberships

  • Ultra-High Net Worth Institute Council Member
  • Financial Psychology Institute Executive Member
  • Purposeful Planning Institute Member
  • Family Firm Institute Member
  • Carl Richards Financial Society Member
  • Financial Planning Association Member
  • Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts Member
  • International Academy of Collaborative Professionals Member
  • National Association of Divorce Professionals Member
  • Connecticut Council for Non-Adversarial Divorce Member
  • King County Collaborative Law Member
  • Certified Financial Planner Member
  • Certified Financial Planner Sponsor
  • Washington Bar Association Section Member
  • Collaborative Professionals of Washington Member
  • New York Association of Collaborative Professionals Member


My position connected me with female clients who continually referred their newly divorced friends for investment advice and planning. Listening to the needs of each woman, I learned that their main concern was not about having a financial plan for retirement or knowing what stocks to invest in. They needed discreet advice on the fundamentals of money and the daily family spending obligations now that their divorce was final. Because they didn’t have to think about these issues previously, they weren’t sure where or how to get help.

I recognized that this was a hidden yet consistent issue that affluent women post-divorce were facing. There was a shocking lack of resources for these women, and I was now able to understand why the divorces I witnessed growing up had such devastating effects. I knew it didn’t have to be that way.

Determined to address these issues, I started my firm. By doing so, I have become a trusted advocate for women, like you, who want discreet advice and expert guidance. The financial burdens post-divorce are difficult, but I am here to take that weight off your shoulders. Women also need help during their divorce, as they typically do not know the best financial settlement that is possible with just their lawyer's help. I address these issues by consulting with women during the divorce process and help them get the best outcome.

How I Do It

Simplify your daily and long-term goals through money coaching.

Who I Help

Affluent women during and post-divorce.

How You Benefit

Maintain your lifestyle and grow your wealth.

Olivia Summerhill

Going Through A Divorce?

If you do not know where to begin, contact me today.

​I work closely with your divorce attorney or mediator to negotiate the most advantageous settlement for you. I make sure you understand the items below before signing anything. I am on your side to keep you out of the dark. I also work with women who want answers to questions before they head to an attorney.

Olivia Summerhill

Going Through A Divorce?

​I work closely with your divorce attorney or mediator to negotiate the most advantageous settlement for you. I make sure you understand the items below before signing anything. I am on your side.

Let's work together

Identify what kind of lifestyle you want
Explore your future financial goals
Determine your children’s education and lifestyle goals
Understand the options when dividing property

Divorce consulting and money coaching combines both practical financial direction with sound psychological principles to help transform your relationship with money and lead a more purposeful life post-divorce.

Post-Divorce Private Planning

​Has fear of the finances held you back from getting a divorce?

Are you exhausted, scared, and paralyzed from moving forward when thinking about your financial future?

Did your spouse want a divorce seemingly out of the blue and you do not know where to turn?

My private planning focuses on the specific needs of affluent women facing financial and lifestyle transitions after divorce from celebrities, politicians, CEO's and high-net-worth individuals.

While divorce brings many changes, your lifestyle doesn’t have to be one of them.

I provide personalized, discreet guidance to help you.

To avoid conflict of interest, I do not manage your assets and work with you strictly as a consultant.













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Complimentary Introduction

I dedicate my time and provide each of my clients with high-level, personalized guidance and strategies, and I look forward to a conversation. All correspondence is confidential and I work with clients all over the world.

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Divorce for Wealthy Women Podcast

My podcast invites highly sought after divorce professionals to share their guidance to all women listening. The intent is to share tips that ultra-high net worth women can use to maintain their lifestyle during and post-divorce.

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The Divorce Hacker's Guide to Untying the Knot by Ann Grant

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Loving Your Children More Than You Hate Each Other: Powerful Tools for Navigating a High-Conflict Divorce by Lauren Bergman

This is a game-changer for any female wanting to do the hard work during divorce; as the book is full of insightful questions that lead to growth.

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