Affluent Women Part with the Ex, but Never Divorce the Hermès Bag

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When it comes to divorce, you have to part with too much already. Read further to find out steps to take to keep your standard of living in tact once you say I don’t.

Ultra High Net Worth Women and Divorce Advice

You are bound to get more advice during divorce than you did before you had kids or got married. It is just how it is. And yet when we are bombarded, does all the advice really pertain to us and really help you? Think about your friends who are married and wealthier than you. Why is it that they are going along with life and seemingly not listening to others advice? They have the confidence and are giving themselves permission to live.

Women and Giving Themselves Permission

This is about giving you permission to keep and buy the most important items, if they actually will bring you joy post divorce. Try to take what others say with a grain of salt. Keep the bag, if it brings you joy. (Even if others are saying you need to part with it and be ‘financially savvy’. ) I am giving you permission!! Maison Hermès approves.

Olivia Portrait

Written by Olivia Summerhill, CFP®, CDFA® of Summerhill Wealth Management. She is a Divorce Financial Planner helping high net worth women maintain their lifestyle and build wealth during and post divorce.

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